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Bad Breath: Causes and Solutions

You’ve experienced it in some capacity. Bad breath. Whether it was with someone else, or even yourself, no one likes to talk about it, or have it. There’s even a medical term for it, halitosis. Some common temporary causes of it can be from a meal with garlic, when you first wake up, coffee and other drinks, or smoking. 

Often times people become aware of the situation from friends, coworkers, or a loved one, and it can have a negative affect on relationships with others. 

The causes of bad breath happen both inside and outside the mouth. Usually bad breath occurs because of bacteria on the teeth as well as tongue debris. Many cases are attributed to poor oral hygiene, gum diseases like gingivitis, or periodontitus, or dry mouth. A good start to getting to the bottom of the cause is seeing your dentist, who will be able to check for periodontal disease, and also pinpoint which ever mouth problem is a contributing factor to the bad breath.

Although not as common, tonsillitis, and certain respiratory infections, like sinusitis and bronchitis, as well as gastrointestinal disease, can also be part of the contributors to the problem. In addition to that, kidney disease or advanced liver disease, as well as  unmanaged diabetes, will contribute to bad breath, as well as other significant symptoms  

Individuals concerned with having bad breath can be evaluated by a dentist. There are tests available that can actually detect the presence of halitosis by using instruments that check for certain compounds related to it. The doctor will also assess the odor. Typically, through tongue scraping, dental floss, night guards, or the patients breath. 

There is, of course, preventative measures that you can take to improve or prevent bad breath. 

  • It’s important to brush your teeth, twice a day, after meals, with a toothpaste that contains fluoride
  • Stay away from smoking and chewing tobacco
  • Use an alcohol, free mouthwash, before bed each night
  • If you experience dry mouth, be sure to drink plenty of fluids over the course of the day and utilize over-the-counter moisturizing products, like a dry mouth spray, mouthwash, or a dry mouth moisturizing gel. If you utilize these solutions and don’t notice any type of improvement, a visit to the dentist may be in order. 
  • Regular visits to the dentist! Proper care and proper oral hygiene are essential in knocking out one of the biggest causes of bad breath. 

While it is not something comfortable, or pleasant to experience or address, bad breath does not have to be an ongoing issue. Most causes are easily treatable by your dentist, and are easily preventable with a few basic habits. 

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