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A root canal is a necessary treatment when decay goes undetected for an extended period of time and has reached the pulp of the tooth. In some situations, the decay will reach into the root and the surrounding bone structure. This decay will be accompanied by extreme pain. A root canal is the dentist’s best option for preserving a natural tooth that has extensive decay. Some symptoms that may indicate the need for a root canal include sensitivity to sweets, hyper-sensitivity to extreme temperatures, a painful sensation when biting, swelling of the gums or mouth, or a bad taste in your mouth.

Root canals are the best course of action if you want to save your tooth. The Dental Team wants you to keep as much of your original smile as possible. We recommend root canals as a means to save as much of your original tooth as possible.

What is a root canal?

The dentist will clean out the decayed pulp that lies within the root of the tooth. After the infection has been cleared out and the whole area cleaned thoroughly, the dentist will fill the empty cavity of the tooth in order to prevent further infection. Often, he will complete a root canal with a core build-up and then cover the tooth with a crown. Recent advances in technology and training allows a skillful dentist to perform a root canal with minimal discomfort. While the root canal was seriously dreaded in years past, it has become a fairly routine procedure.


The root canal recovery time is not long at all, and pain should subside within a day. Some patients still report some uncomfortable feelings for a few days, but this is not usual. If you are experiencing pain for more than 3 days after a root canal you should see your dentist as soon as possible.

The best foods to eat after root canal are soft and/or cold foods. Fruits, soft cereals, yogurts etc. Avoid hard foods.

You might be tired after a root canal and a nap is recommended. But avoid sleeping with gauze still in your mouth!

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What Our Clients Say

Susan B.

I have been going to Dr. Behar for 8 years and love this office! The staff is so professional and caring...I used to be a dental-phobe and they immediately made me feel at ease. Dr. Behar is gentle and a perfectionist (which is what I want for my teeth!). His assistant, Elizabeth, is just as amazing. She is funny and knowledgeable, very gentle and great at what she does! I highly recommend this team - they have helped me overcome my debilitating fear of dentistry!!

Juno M

I came to the group for them to handle a root canal that my former dentist office could not handle. The scheduled day for the procedure came in too late, I was in a lot of pain days before. They not only handle moving up the procedure but the day before the manage all my 6 calls requesting instructions for pain as if it was no bother to them. Once in I literally almost feel asleep while Dr. Litviak was doing the root canal. The crown was then handled by Dr. Elizabeth Elmaleh which not only has the hands of an angel but, also has impecable bedside manners. Very considerate towards me as a patient. Her assistant as the same.

Eilene T

Don’t like going to the dentist? Try Dental Team of Plantation. They are awesome. Dr. Brown is warm and welcoming, but most of all, he is a PERFECTIONIST. His assistant Rachel is a perfectionist too. His office staff are warm and accommodating. My temporary crown came out and they got me right in. While I was waiting for the cement, Anna, who works in the front office, stopped by to see how I was doing and chat for a few minutes. Everyone who works there seems to really care about their patients. Best of all, I always leave smiling, even after a painless root canal. Now, that’s a dental practice that deserves an A+ rating.

Larry H

I recently moved to Ft. Lauderdale and need to find a dentist. I found the Dental Team Of Galleria have had a great experience. Dr. Brown was super to work with he is knowledgeable and handles you with gentle professional care. His Assistant Bella is smart, kind, caring and very helpful. She helps you relax and know you are being taken care of. The receptionist Michelle is delightful to speak with. She helps with best payment options and takes to to explain and answer any questions you may have. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this dentistry team...

Elizaveta K

Amazing team. Very professional, friendly and positive stuff. I love to come back to my dental office. Very recommend for the people. I did my veneers, upper and lower. They look so perfect. My doctor did exactly that I asked him to do. No mistake with this doctor. He also provided me retainers. The quality of my veneers is the best, same as all materials that he was using.