Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Going to the Dentist

A lot of people put off going to the dentist for a variety of reasons. Reasons such as being scared, not having enough time or simply thinking that putting it off won’t be that big of a deal. But these are not reasons to put off going to the dentist. It doesn’t have to be scary, you should make the time and there is always a reason to go to the dentist.

Small problems can turn into big ones

A simple sensitive tooth can quickly turn into a cavity. And that cavity can turn into a decayed tooth that will cause infection and lead to tooth loss. By putting off a cleaning, it can turn into plaque buildup and other oral problems.

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Your oral health is linked to other areas of your health

The bacteria in your gums can cause inflammation throughout the rest of your body. Gum disease can also exacerbate diabetes, lead to premature birth and even heart disease and stroke.


Increase anxiety

The longer you put off going to the dentist, the more anxious you will be about going. The longer it takes you to get into that chair, the more issues that can arise. And if they don’t actually arise, in your mind, you will always think that something is wrong and push off the visit even further. It is one ugly catch-22.


It can become costly

The more you put off the dentist, the more expensive your eventual trip may become. Putting off cleanings and avoiding learning of any problems, can lead to more dental issues, ones that will cost a lot more money compared to if you had gone in for your routine checkups.


It’s understandable the idea of wanting to put off the dentist. It scary, it takes up time, it can be expensive and it doesn’t always seem necessary if you’re feeling healthy. But it’s better to be proactive than reactive. Plus, you’ll feel much healthier walking out of that office, ready to flash everyone a healthy, wonderful smile.