When Should I Bring My Child in for Their First Dental Exam?

Your little one is growing up and fast! Now, it may sound early, but as soon as their little screams that are keeping you up at all hours of the night, turning to teething screams, the dreaded phase has begun. This means a trip to the dentist can be on the books!

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, when your baby sprouts his or her first tooth, or when they hit the big one-year mark, whichever happens first, is when you should bring your baby to the dentist. Unfortunately, most babies don’t see the dentist for the first time until after two years old, even though teeth can start emerging at around six months.

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But don’t worry parents, this won’t be your typical trip to the dentist. It’s mostly to familiarize the environment and the overall routine. Plus, this visit can help ease the baby’s, and let’s face it, the parent’s fears. Above all that, the dentist will do a quick exam, checking the gums, the jaw, overall bite, any potential tooth decay, and any issues that may affect the teeth or even speech. Plus, the dentist will give you tips and procedures for good oral hygiene and may even recommend feeding and pacifier use.

Visiting a pediatric dentist early can not only prevent future trouble, but visiting also builds comfort. The child can sit on their parent’s lap and be distracted with rewards and toys during the process.

Knowing your child has to go to the dentist fairly early, it is a good idea to get your child dental insurance and to make consultations with different pediatric dentists around your area so that you find the perfect one.