Dental Fillings

A Toothache, Cracked Tooth or Suspected Cavity Can All Be Signs That It's Time for a Dental Filling

Don't Ignore a Cavity! Find a Dentist to Help With a Dental Filling Here in South Florida.

Are you dealing with dental pain? You may need a filling if you’re experiencing:

You may not be in the clear even if your teeth feel perfectly fine. The odds that you’ll need a filling at some point in your life are high. According to the NIH (National Institutes of Health), 92 percent of adults between the ages of 20 to 64 have had dental decay in their permanent teeth. In some cases, a dental X-ray may be the best way to detect decay that can be stopped with a filling before the decay expands beyond a controlled area.

Of course, you can’t know that you need a filling until you have your tooth examined by a dentist. The Dental Team can provide you with an evaluation to confirm that you need a filling. We can also recommend any other treatments that can help to reduce pain, restore function and preserve your oral health.

Hearing that you need to get a filling never feels like great news. However, it doesn’t have to feel like bad news when you have a great dental team ready to help you get the issue taken care of in a comfortable, inviting environment that offers convenient hours. At The Dental Team in South Florida, we offer fillings as part of our roster of restorative dental care. When a tooth problem is detected early, getting a filling as soon as possible can help to preserve a tooth by preventing further decay. The Dental Team offers free exams and X-rays.

Getting the Most From Your Filling

Many people are relieved when they get by with “just a filling” after realizing that they have an issue with damage or decay. The truth is that a filling can serve as an important warning that reminds you to stay on top of taking care of your teeth. If ignored, a tooth issue that can be easily fixed with a simple filling could turn into serious tooth decay that spreads throughout the teeth and gums.

You can bolster the benefits of getting a filling by maintaining a good routine for brushing and flossing your teeth. While a filling stops decay in its tracks, it doesn’t provide permanent protection against further decay. That means that a tooth that has a filling can still endure more damage if proper dental hygiene isn’t practiced. In addition to daily brushing and flossing, biannual dental checkups and cleanings can help to keep a tooth with a filling healthy for a lifetime to come! The dentists and staff at The Dental Team are here to help you make sure your dental problems don’t grow past a filling. In addition to offering routine cleanings for the whole family, our offices provide cutting-edge imaging and diagnostic technology to ensure that any potential problems are considered at your regular checkups.

What Is a Dental Filling?

What does it really mean when you hear a dentist tell you that you need a filling done? A filling is a common treatment that helps to restore a tooth that is damaged or decayed back to its original function. In addition to getting your tooth back to a healthy state, a filling can help to prevent further decay that can result in tooth loss down the road. In fact, taking care of a small tooth problem today by getting a filling can potentially save you the cost, hassle and time of a more extensive restorative dental procedure down the road. A filling represents a fraction of the cost of more sophisticated procedures like crowns, bridges and dental implants.

Why You Can Count on Our Dental Team to Help You Get a Dental Filling

With more than a dozen locations throughout South Florida, The Dental Team is the name your friends and neighbors already count on for premium dental care. We make it easy to stay on track with dental exams and cleanings. We even offer pediatric dentistry.

How Can I Find a Dentist Near Me Offering Fillings in South Florida?

If you find yourself dealing with dental pain after hours, we provide 24-hour emergency dental services. For non-emergency dental pain, you can call or book an appointment online. Come see us at our offices in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Pompano, Fort Lauderdale and Plantation if you need to be evaluated for a dental filling!