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Daily brushing and flossing are critical to your oral health, along with a dentist you trust for routine cleanings and preventative care. The Dental Team of Boynton Beach is your trusted dental provider to cover all your needs.

As part of the highly-respected and family-owned Dental Team Florida group, our top-rated dentists provide exceptional care that is unmatched by other providers. Adding to the experience is a stress-free and hospitable environment that eases the anxiety typical of a dental visit.

We’re pleased to provide full dental services to area residents, covering all your general, preventative and cosmetic needs. Reasonable pricing and payment options are available from the Dental Team of Boynton Beach.

Team of Professionals

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Welcome to Dental Team! We are looking forward to meeting you. Please fill out the forms below and bring them to your appointment.

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What To Expect On Your Visit

Your first office visit will include a full examination of your teeth and gums, starting out with x-rays. Your dentist will have x-rays taken of all your teeth and jawbone. This will provide the dentist with the ability to see any underlying problems with your teeth or jaw. X-rays only take a few minutes to complete and are completely painless.

Next, your dentist will perform a physical exam of your mouth. The dentist will look at your teeth, gums, and interior of your mouth. This will allow them to see any visible issues that are not shown in the x-rays.

When the exam is over, your dentist will discuss with you any treatments you may need. Once your dental health plan is made, the hygienist will come and clean your teeth. Teeth cleaning leaves your teeth looking and feeling their best.


Everyone wants to put their best smile forward. If you are not 100 percent happy with your smile, you may want to consider cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is a very affordable way to get the smile you desire.

As your Boynton dentist, we are pleased to tell you that cosmetic procedures are very affordable. Many people skip cosmetic dentistry because they are afraid that it is not affordable. We can assure you that this is not true.

We accept most medical insurance plans for our services and have very flexible financing terms if you do not have coverage. We are positive that we can help you get your desired smile while staying within your budget.

Some of the cosmetic services we offer include:

Teeth Whitening



Dental Implants