How to Choose a Kid’s Dentist in Lauderhill

When living in South Florida, there are a variety of different dentist’s offices to choose from, especially when it comes to caring for kids. But which dentist is truly right for your child? What do you need to look for when choosing a kid’s dentist in the Lauderhill area? There are few factors to look for when looking for a dentist for your kids, from the insurance they take to location to credentials and more.


Do your research!

Like anything else, you plan on investing in, and your kid’s teeth are an investment in a healthy mouth for life, you have to search for the right one. When looking for the right one, there’s no harm in looking at a few before making your choice. Before you go, do your research. See if it is covered by your insurance, Medicaid or even if they have a payment system. Look up their credentials to confirm they are board-certified, where they went to school and even if they are certified in others areas. You can even look at reviews from other patients to see what their experiences were. Make sure you ask all the questions you are thinking and go whichever checks all, or the most, boxes.

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Location, location, location!

While there may be an absolutely amazing kid’s dentist office, is there one by you? When you search, ‘kid’s dentists near me’, do your research starting from the closest and see how they checkout. While South Florida is a huge area with many different offices, make sure there is one in the Lauderhill area that is close enough in proximity enough to be not only convenient for parents for annual visits, but also nearby for any emergency.


Do they take your insurance?

Kid’s dentists are just as costly as your dentists, and if you have more than one kid, that means added costs. Therefore, it is important that you find one that takes your insurance. You can typically find out what that particular kid’s dentist’s office covers on their website or by calling. Many offices will provide Medicaid which can be useful for many families. In fact, having a Medicaid dentist near you can be one of the key factors in choosing a dentist. Other than Medicaid and insurance coverage, see if these kid’s dentists’ offices will provide options for payment plans.


What is their office like?

Kid’s dentist’s offices are often thought to be scary and intimidating, however, they should be quite the opposite. Children’s dentists truly care for children, hence their profession. Try and find a kid’s dentist office in Lauderhill that has bright colors, playing fun kid’s music, maybe with games in the lobby, anything to make the kids feel more welcome and comfortable. The staff should be positive and friendly, speaking to the kids in a slow and understanding voice. They should treat you and your kids with respect and kindness, always willing to answer any of your questions and make your little one comfortable in their chair.


What’s their approach to oral health?

Of course, when choosing a kid’s dentist near you, find out what their approach to oral health is. Just because they are a Medicaid dentist or are near the Lauderhill mall, doesn’t always mean their practices align with yours. See if this office uses a preventative approach rather than just treatments to fix problems such as tooth decay and cavities, see if they use a fluoride treatment for stronger teeth or whatever questions you have to make sure your kid’s oral health is strong from the start.


Once you’ve done your research, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find a reputable kid’s dentist near you. A kid’s dentist office in Lauderhill that accepts Medicaid or whatever insurance you have, while also being a welcoming environment for you and your little ones.