How Smiling Affects Health

A great smile can take you miles, which is why it is important to keep up with healthy oral care. A great smile can not only improve your health, but it can also help in other aspects of your life as well. This can include improving confidence, relationships, self-awareness, and more. A nice smile can really make your day a lot brighter, working as a natural mood booster.

Feel Better

Medically speaking, smiling causes your facial muscles to trigger neurotransmitters throughout your body to make you naturally feel great. These neurotransmitters include the powerful, “happy” terms we all like to hear; endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. All of which help you feel more relaxed and happier.



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Stress Reliever

If you are worn down, tired, and stressed, even just faking a smile can actually reduce stress. You can quite literally trick your mind into thinking it’s entering a state of happiness to triggers those neurotransmitters we mentioned before.


Confidence is Key

We all want to feel confident and proud of our appearance, and smiling helps you do that. When smile you seem happy, relaxed and approachable. It can even make you look younger. A smile shows people that you are happy and friendly, and you can make someone else’s day by flashing them a grin. Plus, people are more drawn to those who smile, instantly making you more attractive. This confidence can help you in your relationships, with making friends or even in your professional life.


Overall Better Health

Those neurotransmitters we keep talking about also help improve your immune system. This is because the neurotransmitters you release when you smile lets you relax and destress, which in turn helps your immune system function more effectively.


Smiling is Contagious

Has someone ever smiled at you, but you never smile back? What about the other way around? Smiling is a contagion we want! We always want to return a smile or would love to have one returned to us, it just makes you feel better inside having a quick, happy connection with another person. Your smile, mixed with the other person’s smile, can instantly boost your mood, their mood and even the next person’s mood.


So, in the end, the dentist can almost be like your best friend! They help you keep your smile in great, healthy shape, so you can show off your pearly whites to the world and help make the world a happier place. Keep up with routine visits to your dentist for cleanings and checkups to make sure you are never afraid to say cheeeeeseee.