How do I know I need a tooth filling?

Ah, a filling… something nobody wants to hear they need, but something they should figure out if they need before it’s too late. But what causes the need for a filling? Dental fillings are used to help with cavities and other dental problems that can cause problems. They are almost a sort of plug that dentists put in the holes of teeth left by decay.


Dental decay is the reason a patient would need a tooth filling. Dental decay can be painful and is a result of dissolving teeth because of sugar. Though a dentist is the only one who can fully say whether or not you need a dental filling, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any symptoms that you can and will notice, suggesting that you need a filling.


You most likely will need a filling, and will most definitely need to see a dentist if you experience any of these symptoms. You may experience pain in your tooth, throbbing pains, sharp pains, tooth sensitivity when you eat or brush them, your tooth may feel rough or jagged or you may even see a little hole in the tooth itself. And sometimes, you may not even have any symptoms and still require a dental filling.


These days fillings are made of more body-friendly materials like silver amalgam, composite materials, porcelain ceramic and gold porcelain. The way of dentistry has come along greatly in the years, and now fillings can match the color of your teeth so that they aren’t even noticeable.


The best way to stay ahead of the potential for any tooth fillings is to make sure you continue to see your dentist for an exam and a cleaning every six months.