Fun and Surprising Dental Facts

Did you know studies have shown that 37% of people say a smile is the first thing they notice about a person? Your teeth are not only an important part of your appearance but are vital to your overall health. Here are some fun dental facts you might find surprising!


Teeth & Mouth Facts


  • The average American will spend 38.5 total days of their life brushing their teeth.
  • Tooth enamel is the hardest substance found in the human body.
  • A tooth print is unique to each person, just like fingerprints. Your tongue print is also 100% unique to you.
  • Right-handed people tend to chew on the right side, while left-handed people tend to chew on their left side.
  • 78% of Americans have a cavity by the time they are 17.
  • Drink a lot of soda? Did you know that 3 or more glasses of soda each day can cause 62% more tooth decay, fillings, and tooth loss? Cut done on your soda intact and switch to water.
  • The human mouth produces on average 100,000 gallons of saliva in its lifetime! That’s roughly 2500 bathtubs full.
  • Can you guess how much bacteria you have in your mouth? 700 bacteria live just in the human mouth!
  • Brushing your teeth is super important, but did you know that if you are not flossing, you are missing 40% of your teeth? This is why your dentist is always reminding you to floss.
  • Most people find flossing a cumbersome part of their daily routine. 73% of Americans say they would rather go to the grocery store than floss their teeth.
  • Your teeth begin forming before you are even born.
  • If you suffer from diabetes and have periodontal disease, you are not alone. 95% of people with diabetes have periodontal disease.
  • Periodontal disease can do more than just affect your teeth. People with periodontal disease are 2 times more likely to develop heart disease.
  • Are you replacing your toothbrush every 3 months? Replacing your toothbrush after an illness can prevent reinfection.
  • Unlike us, dinosaurs could regrow broken teeth.
  • During the 1800s, blacksmiths and barbers also served as dentists.
  • Your tastebuds regrow every 10 days!
  • Do you know what the number one item people choke on most in the US? Toothpicks.
  • 3 million miles of dental floss are purchased every year in North America.
  • 48% of young people untag themselves from social media due to not liking their smile.
  • 14 million gallons of toothpaste are purchased every year by Americans.

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