8 Types of Dentists and What They Do

There are a lot of types of doctors in the medical profession, all of which have their specialties, this is the same for the oral health care field. Each dentist and dental specialist have their own unique set of skills and certifications.

General Dentist: A General Dentist is, just as it would sound, for general purposes. This dentist manages the overall health of patients, including fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges, gum care, root canals, and other preventative care. These dentists have either DDS or DMD degree and usually spend four years in dental school, in additional undergraduate schooling.

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Pedodontist: Also known as a Pediatric Dentist, a Pedodontist specializes in children up until age eighteen. The Pedodontist does the same work as a General Dentist, but they can also fix problems with decayed teething, missing teeth, crooked teeth, a crowded mouth, and more. Dentists specializing in children also have a focus on the development of their teeth. For these reasons, this specialty requires an extra two years of schooling.

Periodontists: This type of oral care provider, specializes in dealing with diseases of the soft tissues of the mouth and the gums, as well as, the bones and teeth. Dentists in the specialty typically treat gingivitis but also do specific procedures such as deep pocket cleanings, root planning, crown lengthening, tissue recontouring, implants, and more.

Endodontist: An Endodontist is a specialist that is concerned with causes, diagnosis, and prevention of diseases that are concerned with the dental pulp or nerve of the tooth.

Orthodontist: These dental professionals are known for their work with braces. They specialize in the diagnosis and prevention of malocclusions and poorly structured teeth. They fix overcrowded teeth, extra teeth as well as teeth and jaws that are out of alignment. They typically fix these issues with braces, wires, and bands. Orthodontists can also improve the overall bite.

Oral Surgeon: An Oral Surgeon can do many different types of dental surgery, although they are most known for their extraction of wisdom teeth. They can also remove other types of teeth, corrective jaw surgery, facial trauma, biopsies, bone grafts, implants, and more.

Prosthodontist: As it would sound, specializes in prosthetics. They replace teeth that are both removable and non-removable. Prosthodontists can also do porcelain crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Depending on what you are looking for, any one of these oral health care specialists can help you achieve the healthy mouth, gums, and teeth you are looking for.