6 Worst Food & Drink for your Oral Hygiene

As it is with all aspects of health, there are certain things we eat and drink that are good for us, and some things that aren’t. And as you could imagine, the things we love, are the things we wished were good for our oral hygiene, but alas, are not.

Here are a few of the worst foods and beverages for your oral hygiene.


Especially caramels, lollipops, jellybeans… basically anything sticky. These sticky foods can get caught in the crevices of your teeth which can cause problems with any fillings and mess with your enamel. Sugary candies also tend to stay in your mouth longer and can cause tooth decay.


Pickles may not be one of the first foods you think of when you think “bad for your teeth”, but here they are. And while pickles shouldn’t be labeled as “the worst” they are definitely a surprise. Pickles are high in vinegar, it’s what gives them their sour taste, and vinegar is high in acid. While people don’t eat pickles as much as other foods on this list, it’s still an important factor to consider.

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Refined Carbs

 You know the kind, all the delicious ones; pasta, bread, chips, and crackers. Not only do these types of carbs cause us weight problems, but once consumed, they turn into sugar and jump-start acid production in your mouth caused by the bad kind of bacteria.

Soft Drinks

Our favorite fizzy drinks cause, you guessed it, cavities. Soda is very acidic, which strips the important minerals from your enamel. Plus, on top of that, there are added sugars that are also dangerous. Unfortunately, this means even sugar-free sodas have citric and phosphoric acid and are not safe.


Coffee may give us a boost, but it can be a letdown for our teeth. Coffee can stain your teeth to the point where there is less chance of a return. Coffee makes your teeth sticky and dries out your mouth, leading to staining. And if you add sugar to your coffee? Double the trouble.


As delicious as it is, wine, especially red wine, is known for staining your teeth. This comes from the tannins in the wine, but white wine can also cause staining, as they both dry out your mouth, making teeth sticky and leading to staining. Also, note that white wines are more acidic than red and can be more harmful to your enamel.

We could add a lot more foods and beverages onto this list, such as energy drinks, dried fruits, popcorn, ice, tomatoes, and gum, to name a few. Nevertheless, food and drinks are meant to be enjoyed, so as long as you do everything in moderation and keep up with your brushing and flossing routine, you can still be able to enjoy some of your favorite foods and beverages.